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Google Search have become easier for The Bengali speakers

Internet giant google is working hard to make search easier for many languages. Google Knowledge Graph available in the Bengali language. Now Bengali speakers will get better search result in the Bengali language ( Mostly spoken in Indian and Bangladesh ).

So next time when you will search in Bengali about Sourav Ganguly, you’ll instantly get information that’s relevant to your queries such as Sourav Ganguly's date of birth, his number as an active cricket player, or links to his profile on social media.

The Google Knowledge Graph is currently available in 41 languages, mapping out more than 1 billion things, and over 70 billion facts about them.

Google is also making spelling in Bengali easier. So when a Bengali speakers will make mistake in spelling, google will provide them the suggestion of similar queries - Which was previously not available.

The company has begun to roll-out the Knowledge Graph in Bengali to users around the world. So if you are Bengali speakers use it and must share your opinion.

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