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Do CCD outlet Incident shows the height of abuse of women protection law in India !

India is always being projected as the worst place for women but if we go through statics, India is far Better than many developed countries. In fact, Out of the 583 rape cases reported in Delhi in 2013, only 12 were true ( According to thehindu ). That's why. abuse of women protection law in India is always being a discussable topic. 

An Incident at CCD Jaipur outlet has added a new chapter to the discussion. 

The incident occurred when Arpan ( Victim ) found cockroaches crawling in food inside a refrigerator at CCD and he started video recording on his mobile phone. He also pointed towards the female employee of the CCD outlet when she walked up to him and slapped him for shooting the video and suddenly video ended. Before ending of the video, a voice can be heard questioning the customer "aap kyo mere photo khiche" ( why did you click my picture ). 

He mentioned that the female worker was shouting at him. The entire incident was shared by Nikhil Anand Singh on Twitter and video has gone viral.
CCD is trolling on social media with #BoycottCCD after 12 days. And According to intoday, this outlet has now been locked.
Nikhil Anand Singh also noted that the CCD lawyer flipped the negotiations, asking them to drop the case against CCD, then only they will drop the FIR of sexual harassment.

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