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10 furious things in the latest Fast and Furious 8 trailer

Most awaited Fast and Furious 8 trailer has been released. And as usual, it's bigger than the previous movie.

Furious is going to hit theaters on April 14th. Here are 10 furious things in the latest Fast and Furious 8 trailer; You should notice.

1. Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) catches a grenade with his bare hand and throw that away. (0:15)

We will also see the dark side of technology. 
2. villain Cipher ( Charlize theron ) activating the self-driving features, unleashing them on the family. "There’s thousands of cars in this city and they're all mine." (0:45)

3. Flood and Rain of self-driving cars on street. (0:55)

4. A group of people boards a plane in midflight with jetpacks. (1:41)

5. Tej ( Ludacris ) got a tank.(2:04)

6. chasing in the arctic. (2:14)

7. Bang entry of a submarine to join the chase. (2:16)

8. Hobbs redirects a torpedo with his feet. (2:22)

9. Rain of missiles on casing cars. (2:52)

10. Dom ( Vin Diesel ) jumps his car over the submarine. (2:57)

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