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Finally a Self-balancing Bike - NeuV

We have already made our car Smart, now its turn of motorcycles. Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda have unveiled its self-balancing motorcycle at CES 2017.

Honda NeuV is an electric automated mini-vehicle concept by Honda. This motorcycle is equipped with an artificial intelligence (AI). Besides NeuV, honda also introduced UNI-CUB, the company's self-balancing personal mobility device.

According to the company, honda NeuV also functions as a thoughtful and helpful AI assistant utilizing an "emotion engine", which is developed by Honda and SoftBank.

How will NeuV assist?
The "emotion engine" will learn from the driver's judgments. It will detect the emotions behind the driver's judgments and then, based on the driver's past decisions, make new choices and recommendations. HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant) can check on the driver's emotional well-being, it can also make music recommendations based on mood.

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