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Wikipedia accessibility issues in Turkey

After blocking major social networking platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, it seems like, government of Turkey is in mood to block online encyclopedia "wikipedia".

Internet users in Turkey have already reporting the Wikipedia accessibility issues, since 1 December 2016.  Internet Censorship monitoring group "Turkey Block" have reported that high rates of packet loss with multiple ISPs, afflicting a block of network addresses belonging to the Wikimedia Foundation. Affected IP address range includes the servers that host

Affected subdomains includes the primary English and Turkish edition, as well as several Wikimedia servers hosting image content for articles.

Turkey have previously tried to block several individual pages, but cause of Wikipedia's technical measures ( https/TLS protocol ) government couldn't block individual pages. Hence,  Either government have to block entire site or they have to permit access to the full content including banned articles.

Well it not yet been confirmed that it's an attempt to censor content or a editorial access to the website.

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