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Vine is not dead but it is not like before

October 27th, 2016, whole internet and millions of vine users were shocked when company announced it is shutting down. But fortunately vine is not completely dead. However it is not live before.

The company announced that in January, the app will be transitioned to a “pared-down” Vine Camera. You will be able to make six-second looping videos with this app, and then you can post them directly to Twitter or save them to your phone.

Besides new app, company is rolling out a way to make it easy for your Vine followers to follow you on Twitter – stay tuned for a “Follow on Twitter” notification soon. This would be much better if twitter will add a separate "Vine" category.

You can still download Vines app through the app or the website, where All of Vines will continue to live on the website so you can browse all videos. But the well-known platform will be missing.

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