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Turkey blocked Tor anonymity network and Tor Browser - Reportedly

Using social network in turkey have now become more difficult. Reportedly, Turkey have blocked Tor anonymity network and Tor Browser.

Internet Censorship monitoring group Turkey Blocks noted that the Tor anonymity network and Tor Browser are now in effect throughout Turkey. It maybe a result of government's order to ban VPN services last month.
We have see the similar tactics, last month taken to prevent users from accessing VPN services, some social networking sites and wikipedia issue. In October, government restricted access to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and GitHub in order to stem the sharing of leaked emails belonging to Berat Albayrak ( Minister of Energy and Natural Resources ).

If government will completely blocked VPN services, internet users in turkey will no longer be easily able to circumvent social media shutdowns and other mass-censorship events in Turkey as they have become accustomed to over recent years.

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