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This guy have a perfect solution to keep your AirPods safe

Ever since apple released its wireless headphone AirPods, it's talk of the town, because of concern about losing it, not because of its feature. But a guy have come up with a perfect solution.

Andrew Cornett came with a unique idea for preventing his AirPods from falling out of his ear. He sticked AirPods inside his stretched ear piercings. And it instantly gone viral on internet.

Ever since AirPods was launched people were criticizing its design, it got hilarious responses on social media.

In addition, popular talk show host Conan O’Brien also poked fun at the Big A and its AirPods with a hilarious commercial spoof to illustrates the problem.

Because of its problem, several products were launched for apple's AirPods. However, apple itself wouldn't have thought use like this.

If you have another solution - Must comment.

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