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Social Media declared Axis bank as Swiss bank of India

After demonetisation Axis bank have become talk of the town and facing Embarrassment, since the Delhi Police after it intercepted three people with cash of about Rs 3.7 crore in old notes, in front of the said Axis Bank branch last month. After that on 15 december the Income Tax Department have unearthed Rs 60 crore from 20 fake accounts in Axis Bank's Noida branch.

Besides these two cases, IT department have also raid at the bank's Chandni Chowk branch in New Delhi where they uncovered Rs 100 crore deposited in 44 fake accounts.

According to indianexpress, Axis Bank MD and CEO Shikha said that the bank has hired KPMG to conduct a forensic audit for enhanced due diligence and building more safeguards.

However Axis Bank's MD have announced "forensic audit", this is a Embarrassed condition for India's third largest private-sector bank. And now social media is doing the remaining job to make them feel more Embarrassed.

#Proud2BAxisBank, this trend may sounds different but users are using it to troll Axis bank. And some are also using #AxisBankChorHai.

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