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Hike messenger is ending support for WINDOWS

Bad news for Windows users, if you are using hike messenger. India's one of the leading messaging is ending support of Windows Phone. Company won't introduce any new features on this platform.

Recently, we have seen many new updates on hike platform. Which shows that company have started giving more effort to attract more users and to provide more features. Maybe, this is a reason company wants to concentrate on Android and iOS, which make up more than 98% of the smartphone market share in India.

Besides Windows, company is ending new development on our S40, S60, Blackberry, BB10 platforms. Early this year, Whatsapp ended support for these devices including Android 2.3 , Windows Phone 7 or iOS 6. But company expanded the support for Blackberry, Nokia until June 2017.

Hike said, it was a tough decision. But, if you're a existing Hike user on Windows Phone, you can still continue messaging your as before, but you won't get further updates.

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