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5 Most viral photos of 2016

In the era of social networking platform, we see many funny, Interesting and Heartbreaking images from around the world. While Some of them have power to change our view for word, some makes someone a Internet sensation over the weekend.

Here are list of 5 photos. Which were gone viral this in 2016. 

1. Vietnam War Photo 
This year iconic Vietnam War Photo went viral on internet, when Facebook removed one of the most powerful image from its platform. Company said that the image violates the company’s policies on displaying nudity. However company quickly reinstated but it was already become a news.

2. Syrian child pulled from rubble:
This year a heartbreaking image went viral on the internet. Where a five years old child ( Name - Omran ) sitting in the back of an ambulance – dazed, wounded and covered in dust – have put a face to the country’s seemingly-relentless civil war.
Omran’s home had been hit by a military airstrike on his neighborhood in Aleppo, Qaterji.

3. Japanese Road Fixed In 1 week:
This year once again, Japanese engineers illustrated their engineering and efficiency when Japanese engineers fixed huge 30 metres diameter sinkhole with in just 28 hours.

4. River of blood:
This year, the streets of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka became a sensation on the Internet when pictures came out where blood flowing like a river on the road, the first day of Eid al-Adha after heavy rains. Shortly photographs went virul on the Internet, and become a sensation on the Internet.

5. Sensational teacher:
This year, Patrice Brown, an elementary school teacher in Atlanta, became an Internet sensation over the weekend when she shared some pictures of her at work on Instagram. Shortly, social media named her 'sexiest' teacher, her photo went viral on the internet, but soon people divided in to two groups, some started criticizing her for what she is wearing, while many don't see anything wrong with this dress.

What do you feel about this list ? let us know. 

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