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PhotoScan by google - To bring printed memory into the digital world

There are many photo editing apps, which makes your digital photo more special, but google is doing something thing different. You might have many old memories in printed form, and you know how difficult is to take care of those memories. But google's new standalone app may help you.

Google has introduced a new standalone app "PhotoScan" from Google Photos that easily scans any printed photo and gives you a high quality digital copy of original printed photo.

It may sounds Easy, but if you have ever tried to take photo of a printed photo, you know glare always comes with photo. But PhotoScan detects edges, straightens the image, rotates it to the correct orientation, and removes glare.

App is easy to use,  just open PhotoScan and place it over the printed photo, tap for scanning, then few dots will appear, capture these dots and done.

If we talk about technology, PhotoScan uses Computational photography technology. If you don't know Computational photography. Panorama, HDR photography are example of it. Which we're already using.

App is available for Android and iOS. Sorry Windows Users, Google didn't mention you. 

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