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Now Shop with Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for brand to grow. But it has some drawbacks, now It's seems like Instagram has recognized the needs of brands.

Now instagram users can shop the products they love on Instagram. Once consumer taps the 'Shop Now link' from the product details view, they’ll go directly to that product on the business’ website.

After this update, user will see 'tap to view' icon at the bottom left of a photo of Each shoppable post. When tapped, a tag will appear on various products in the post—showcasing up to five products and their prices

Before this update, converting followers into paying customers was hard. And Profile’s bio was the only place where links was clickable.

The company is currently working with 20 US based retail partners including Kate Spade and Warby Parker, plans to expand soon.

Kate Spade from Instagram for Business on Vimeo.

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