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Now Facebook has 1.8 billion people

Facebook has announced third quarter 2016 Results and gave an update on community's progress. This update shows that facebook community now has 1.8 billion people.

According to Third Quarter 2016 Results, 1.79 billion Monthly active users as of September 30, 2016. Company hit the milestone of 1.2 billion people using our apps every day.

If we talk about community's progress, Facebook hit 1 billion daily active users, on nov/2015. And it's messaging app hit 1 Billion Month active users on July 20, 2016. Facebook owned whatsapp already have one billion active users, since feb/2016. And 500 million people are using Instagram, Instagram's Stories feature is being used by more than 100 million people every day.

Mark Zuckerberg noted that, video is main priority. In an segment of improving camera, company have already introduced New Camera Features for whatsapp users, on oct/2016. The number of people going Live on Facebook at any moment has grown by 4x since May.

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