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iPhone Photos can be hacked Without Passcode

If you're thinking that your iPhone is secure, probably you're not 100% right.

Popular Youtuber iDeviceHelp uncovered a Security Flaw on the iPhone running on latest iOS. The exploit works on iPhones with Siri enabled on the lock screen. This Security Flaw allows attackers to access iPhone, including contact information, message logs and photos. And the attackers doesn't need to know your phone's passcode to get access. But attackers needs physical access to your device.

Once attacker get physical access to your device, attacker can obtain your phone number by using Siri. After getting phone number, they will make call phone from another device and consequently attackers gain access to iMessages without unlocking your device.

After gaining to iMessages, attacker double-tap on the contact info bar and hold the second tap on the bar, click on the keyboard simultaneously. It's complicated, it may not work at first time, but it works after some tries. Thats it.

Now attackers can access to your contacts and photos, and your device remains locked.

This Security Flaw, LockScreen bypass has been officially Reported to Apple, but you  should disabling Siri in locked mode for further protection.

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