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Instant Games on Facebook messenger - Childhood classics games are back

Facebook is ready to give you one more excuse to use its messaging platform by launching Instant Games on messenger platform, with 17 games.

To play game with your friend, You can access Games through the new game controller icon just below where people type a message. You'll get list of 17 games including childhood classics like PAC-MAN and modern mobile games like Words with Friends: Frenzy, you can select one game to play, and you don't need to install a new apps.

Earlier this year, facebook introduced basketball game on Messenger that allowed you to play some virtual hoops by sending an emoji ( 🏀 ) to your friends, Which received 1.2 billion plays. Soon after company introduced a simple football game, with same procedure to play.

You don't have to send emoji to play game with your friend with Instant Games. And you can still enjoy basketball and football.

Instant Games is currently available in 30 countries for iOS and Android.

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