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Instagram stories have got an Update

Popular Photo sharing platform Instagram introduced 'Instagram Stories' on 2 Aug 2016, now it's getting few new tools to help users to make their story even more fun.

1. Boomerang
Remember a year ago, Instagram introduced Boomerang, an app to create one-second looping videos and easily share them to your friends. Now you can easily use  Boomerang right inside Instagram.

Just Swipe right from your feed to open the stories camera. A new format picker under the record button lets you select “Boomerang” mode. Tap record and the camera will stitch together a burst of photos into a mini video that plays forward and backward.

2. Mentions
Now you can tag friends in a story, simply add text to story, type “@” followed by a username and select the person you’d like to mention. Username will appear underlined in story. And when someone taps the mention ( Username ), they’ll see a pop-up that takes them to that profile.

3. Links
It's one of the most interested feature, but this feature is available for verified accounts yet. This feature lets users add links to learn more. You can simply tap “See More” or swipe up to view the link right inside the app.

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