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HDR videos on YouTube

Youtube is a leading video sharing platform on world wide web, now this platform is getting its major update with HDR video support. Now Youtube is in the row on HDR video providers like  Netflix and Amazon.

Youtube has already added, HD to 4K video, live streaming, 3D, 360-degree video, and spatial audio. Now this time youtbe is focusing on colors.

HDR videos have higher contrast, revealing precise, detailed shadows and stunning highlights with more clarity. After this update, youtube video will have wide color gamut means colors will be more vibrant. Simply put, HDR unlocks the most spectacular image quality we've ever streamed.

Youtube is rolling out it, starting today, you can watch YouTube videos in HDR on supported devices. But, it will be hard for most of us to appreciate this improvement; Because, we don't have HDR TV supported devices and there aren't much computers with proper HDR support yet, and there was only phone with official HDR implementation was the Galaxy Note 7.

If you're using a device that doesn't yet support HDR, don't worry, videos will still play in standard dynamic range.

Youtube also noted that, uploading HDR videos just as simple as SDR videos. Youtube have worked with YouTube creators like MysteryGuitarMan, Jacob + Katie Schwarz, and Abandon Visuals to bring content in HDR.

You can learn more about uploading HDR videos here.

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