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Delete Yourself From internet - With Few Clicks

The Internet is the most beautiful innovation of 21st century, its most essential part of our daily life. It makes our life easier than ever before. The internet can be a horrible and weird place at the same time. But now here is a way to move. allows you to delete your entire existence from internet, with just few clicks. You will just have to signin with your google account.

Once you logging with your google account, Instantly creates a list of all the accounts and services you have ever created an account for.

List of all your accounts comes along direct links to delete, which pointing to the unsubscribe page for that service. Service doesn't delete everything at once, you'll have to choose which ones you want to delete after you get a full list.

The service can help you to get rid of spam emails. Now you won't have to find services manually, may help you to find services to delete. And make your inbox neat and clean.

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