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Cool smartphone gadgets - You should buy in 2017

Smartphones are essential part of our daily life, they are changing our life like never happened before. Here is list of cool smartphone gadgets, to add extra smart features to your smartphone.

  • FLI Charge:
FLI Charge’s products include power pads, charging cases for the most popular Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models as well as universal adapters for all other USB powered devices.
One of the key advantages of FLI Charge’s conductive wire-free charging technology is that all FLI Charge pads are compatible with all FLI Charge cases and universal adaptors. Furthermore, FLI Charge’s power pads are capable of powering multiple devices with cumulative power requirements in excess of 150 watts.

FLIway charging pad for car:
ReVive is a low cost, easy to install, it provides 36-watts of power, which is significantly more than any other in-car wireless charging solution on the market today. Get it from indiegogo

  • Nurgo:
It's a small & lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification & high resolution Simply attach Nurugo Micro to your smartphone and enjoy the world that cannot be observed with our naked eyes. Nurugo Micro makes you take amazing enlarged photos and videos with a high resolution. Simply attach Nurugo Micro to your smartphone and enjoy the world that cannot be observed with our naked eyes. Get it from indiegogo

  • The Superbook:
The Superbook is a gadget that will help you to turns your Android smartphone into a complete laptop - starting at $99 on Kickstarter.
It use your smartphone computing power, but give you more freedom a bigger screen size,and unlimited mobile interface. The superbook is basiclly a smart laptop shell that provides a large sreen ,keyboard and multi-touch trackpad,8+ hours of battery,and can charge phone at the same time.
To use Superbook, just plug Superbook into your Android smartphone, it launches our app to deliver the full laptop experience. Visit Website.

Superbook Demo from Andromium Inc. on Vimeo.

  • Zuz Cable:
Zuz Cable is the world's first Kevlar cable with a Lifetime Guarantee.  Choose from 3 cable options (lightning, micro USB and USB-C to USB). According developers, In a third-party test conducted by German test lab, TÜV, the ZUS Cable bent over 15,000 times, that's 50% more than the more expensive brand Belkin. Available on indiegogo

  • Nexpaq case:
Nexpaq is a modular smartphone case that allows you to customize your smartphone to do more with your smartphone.
How does it works ! Slide your phone into the nexpaq case, add some modules access the app and enjoy the unique feature with each modules. Visit website.

  • Wondercube:
WonderCube is one-inch cube packet with 8 mobile essentials needs like Charger, Memory ( 64GB ), PhoneStand, Emergency Power and connector. And it also comes with a mini LED torch. Visit website.

  • Light Phone:
The Light Phone is an unlocked 2G GSM phone. The idea is for you to leave your smartphone at home and venture into the great wide world with your eyes open and looking around you, seeing what there is to see, without being able to obsessively check your smartphone.It is ideal as an emergency backup for taking on holiday or on a camping trip. Visit website.

  • ISO Case:
ISOCASE is a Functional Case For Smartphones that gives you an ability to transform your smartphone into a tablet.
The case has, 10000mAh battery, Touch screen, Gorilla Glass, Protection for glass corners, Armor Shell, High Impact Bezels for impact protection, Damping elements, Power management, controllers, Audio speakers, Audio Amplifier. Available on indiegogo

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