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Aamir khan's Inspirational Fat To Fit video

Aamir khan's new look for his upcoming movie dangal has been a subject of discussion, ever since first look was released. But now, he has become inspiration for many with his new inspirational video, and proved that he is Mr.

Video titled "Aamir khan's body transformation - Fat to Fit" was uploaded by UTV Motion Pictures. It shows Aamir's dedication and hard work for making movie remarkable.

Aamir khan gained 28 kgs in five months to play the character. He was 97 kgs when he shot for the film. He said "Putting on weight was Fun", " But it was most uncomfortable, had trouble tying his shoelaces". Then when he started losing weight, it was too hard. As the movie shows it, even Aamir was not sure "if he could achieve it". He Removed hopelessness from mind and he did achieve it finally.

He came from 38% body fat to 10% in 6 months. which was too hard. But putting putting on weight and losing it so fast is very unhealthy. He did under the supervision of experts.

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