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5 Resolutions for 2017 - Talk Less and Do more

Year 2016 is about to finish, and very soon we're going to enter into new year 2017, with new hopes and full of excitement. At the same time, we should learn from 2016 to make a better new year. Make such a Resolution, which will provide benefits to you as well as to your near dear and to other human being.

Make Resolution for 2017 - Talk Less and Do more.

1. Family 
Respect your mother, father and siblings daily, instead of celebrating single day  #mothersday #fathersday #sistersday#brothersday.

2. Nature
In 2017, plant at least one tree. Instead of celebrating only one day as environment day.

3 Health
Wake Up early and Do regular morning walk. Avoid cigarette and alcohol.

4 Polution 
Polution is big issue, a common person can't effect much but they can do on their level best. Use public transports, bicycle and don't use polythene bags.

5 Healthy Environment
Make Healthy Environment around you by respecting people and their belief, culture.

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