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Meet HEXA, a robot friend with six-legs

If you are searching for a cyber friend or pet, this robot may end your searching. Meet HEXA, an all-terrain hexapod robot, developed by Vincross.

HEXA has six legs to walk, It's pack of sensors, an open operating system, distance measuring sensor, and an easy-to-use SDK. developers called it "the starting point of an artificial life." Developers believe HEXA will become an essential part of everyday lives — just like smartphones.

HEXA has Infinite Rotation Structure: Which means, Its round body design allows its head to rotate around a center shaft. The result, no matter which way HEXA faces or goes, that's forward. It's six insect-like legs allow it to seamlessly rotate in any direction

HEXA is powered by dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, plus multiple co-processors. And it can control all infrared home electronics, it can recognize image, video, face, voice; which gives it ability to distinguish between owner and stranger.

With the help of distance measuring sensor, HEXA can measure distance between 4–60in (10–150cm). And machine learning algorithms that gives it ability to intelligently adapt any situation.

Through HEXA App, you can remotely control it. You can even connect via the Internet. You can create moves, Through the HEXA Simulator. The HEXA hardware interface is fully customizable: USB, audio, I2C, ADC, GPIO and 5V/3.3V power output.

Developers said that, It needs to be taught how to think and act. What HEXA needs is mentors. 2,048 human mentors. If you’re a developer on robot, AI, VR, or IoT, You can visit here.

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