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Facebook's new endorse option maybe a reason of 'Unfriend' game

Social media is place of making new friends, sharing photos and getting news updates around the world. And it plays big role for social activities. Now it seems, that social networking giant facebook wants you to open your political view with your facebook friends with "Endorse" option.

With "Endorsement" tab on the left-hand sidebar of your favorite candidate, Create a post to let people know why they should consider voting for your favorite candidate. You can choose the audience you want to see your endorsement post. And after making an "endorsement post", you should be ready for bitter political arguments. Because, Whatever you will post, you will get both negative and positive response.

Political candidates can only be endorsed on Facebook if the category of their Page is Politician, Political Candidate or Government Official. There's a full guide to this process in Facebook's Help Center.

Facebook warns that if you choose Public as the audience of your endorsement, it may also appear on the candidate's Page if the candidate chooses to feature your endorsement.

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