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Pakistan decided to ban all Indian TV channels

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority ( PEMRA ) on Saturday decided to ban all Indian channels that are aired in the country from October 15.

News came After banning Pakistani actors and technicians in India by Indian Motion Picture Producers Association ( IMPPA ).

PEMRA warned that strict action will be taken against television channels and distribution networks if they did not comply with the order.

PEMRA said, general Pervez Musharraf had allowed Indian dramas on TVs and movies in cinemas of Pakistan to please India and no government checked it ever. There is October 15 deadline for TV channels, FM radios and cable operators to follow the law.

After attack in uri ( India ), Maharashtra's Navnirman Sena had issued an ultimatum to Pakistani artistes and actors, to leave India within one week ( by September 25 ) or else they would be ”pushed out”.

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