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This Robot Is More Than Just 'Cute'

This short video was uploaded by HarrisHoffman on imgur and gone viral on internet. Really, Technology is growing up, and surprising us.

But if you are thinking that is Robot is thinking by itself, programmed or deep learned.   you will be upset, Its a puppet. But yet it's a amazing technology.

A cute robot
This robot is more than just 'Cute'. It's a Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmission and Human Safe Haptic Telepresence Robot, presented by Disney in IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2016.

A human operator controls it. two 4-DOF arms, connected via the hydrostatic transmission to an identical master, which is operated by a human. Stereo cameras mounted on a 2-DOF servo-controlled neck stream live video to the operator’s head-mounted display, which in turn sends the real-time attitude of the operator’s head to the neck servos in the robot.

Company said, The operator is visually immersed in the robot’s physical workspace, and through the bilateral coupling of the low-impedance hydrostatic transmission, directly feels interaction forces between the robot and external environment.

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