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Stacks app by tinder To let you decide which outfit you should wear tonight

Popular dating platform 'Tinder' have introduced new app 'Stacks' for iMessage platform.

The new app Stacks allows you to use the iconic swipe left/right interaction to vote your friends on which photo should be your profile pic to which outfit you should wear tonight for function or date.

How to use Stacks ? After launching Stacks, tap on 'Start a Stack ', then Simply create a stack by selecting group of photos on which you want votes and give a name, then tap on 'Create My Card Stack' send it to your friends. 

Card Stack looks similar to Tinger, your friends can swipe left/right to vote and you can review the votes.

Image Link Source : Tinder 

As mentioned before, Tinder Stacks is not a standalone app, it's for iMessage platform. If you have Tinder installed on your device and haven’t turned off the ‘Automatically Add Apps’ feature, the application is automatically available through Messages.

Start polling on your photos :) 

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