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Solution to prevent losing an AirPod

As the 'Apple Event' was held in, people are talking about the new product AirPod, it's on trend. but probably not the way Apple wanted.

People are concern about losing AirPod.  And cracking jokes on it ( some are really funny ). But as we know, 'Necessity is the mother of invention', and here is an invention called 'COURAGE MODEL 1' (  probably not a invention ) at $8.00.

Source : Courage

'COURAGE MODEL 1' is made with full grain leather or nylon and it has Adjustable spec ends. It's tier leash will ensure you might never lose an Apple AirPod. Shipping begins late October 2016.

Well, it looks similar to this suggestion.

Here is another Solutions, it's also looks interesting :) . 

Note : is not affiliated or endorsed by COURAGE.

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