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Snapdeal announced OpenStack based cloud platform ' Snapdeal Cirrus '

Snapdeal, India's leading e-commerce today announced the launch of its own private OpenStack based hybrid cloud platform called Snapdeal Cirrus.

The cloud platform is built entirely on open source with OpenStack at the centre, making it among the largest OpenStack deployments of a hybrid cloud in the world.

Company is making it not just an industry-first in India. Rather expectation to make Snapdeal largest OpenStack based hybrid cloud in the world.

Rajiv Mangla, Chief Technology Officer, Snapdeal said. "Snapdeal was born in the cloud, but public clouds stopped being cost efficient after a scale, which became the case for Snapdeal sometime last year. In a short span of 10 months, we have succeeded in building an extremely resilient, scalable and secure solution".

Snapdeal Cirrus spans with three data center across the regions.  Copany said, it has dense server architecture of 100,000 cores, 16 PB of storage and a robust 100G SDN infrastructure.

This move will enable Snapdeal to ensure that business growth is augmented with platform speed, security and stability. Snapdeal said in a statement.

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