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Pepper - learning to play 'ball in a cup'

Have you ever tried to play the game 'ball in a cup' ? Obviously, you tried many times to learn the game to "land the ball in the cup". Same process is done by this robot 'Pepper'.

The Robot 'Pepper', like a children, is learning to play a simple game ball-in-a-cup, And it's adorable.

The video is realized by SoftBank Robotics. Video shows, at first a person demonstrated the game to robot by guiding its arm. After that, Robot started trying by itself. Pepper improves its performance through trial-and-error learning ( Similar To Human ).

Robot tried 100 times to land the ball in the cup. Robot learned by its errors. Even though the initial demonstration does not land the ball in the cup, Pepper can still learn to play the game successfully.

It's a great approach towards error-learning, and a good example of an AI. It may save time for programming and testing. However, it's just glimpse of future of self-learning Robots.

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