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'India Fights Dengue' app, An initiative to spread the awareness about Dengue

According to ndtv, 4 people have died of chikungunya in Delhi this month. And at least 10 people have died of dengue and malaria while hospitals are full of patients.

The government of India is working hard to fight back against malaria, they are also spread the awareness about Dengue, chikungunya and malaria; using many radio, TV and poster ads. Now, Government is trying with a new initiative with a new awareness app.

According to WHO, Since 2000, the country has more than halved the number of malaria cases, down from 2 million to 882 000 in 2013. And, the trend is continuing. 

Government named it 'India Fights Dengue', User will need to sign up with email, phone number and name.

App comes with Do's and Don'ts for prevention of Dengue, User can check Dengue Symptoms and find the nearest Hospital / Blood bank information as per current geographical location. User will only need to turn on GPS while starting the app.

It is a very good initiative by the government to spread the awareness. App is available of android only to download.

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