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Finally, Google responded to Microsoft's battery experiment

Do you think that Google chrome sucks your laptop battery life ? Maybe, but company has finally responded on this issue by solving it with new update.

When this issue was arise? 2 months ago, Microsoft conducted a battery experiment, where google chrome came last with just four hours battery and 19 minutes on the streaming video test, compared to seven hours and 22 minutes for Microsoft's Edge browser.

Now, company said improvements over the last year have made Chrome more than 15 percent faster on both desktop and Android ( with tools like Speedometer ).

Video shows chrome 53 gives 2h 12m more Vimeo HD on a single charge, 33 percent less power on Mac. Company used power measurement tools for tracking progress.

This is not a single update on chrome, for seamless payments to Chrome on Android, company is including support for Android Pay, by adding support for the PaymentRequest web standard.

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