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#BloodlessEid #EcoFriendlyEid - Two Tags against mass slaughter of innocent animals

It's bakra Eid, and It seems like some things have been changed. People want to celebrate this bakra Eid without killing an innocent animal.

This tag is not against killing or eating animal, this tag is against the mass slaughter of innocent animals. They believe in having a bloodless Eid and helping the needy with the same amount.

This is not first time when people are against mass slaughter of innocent animals. On 22nd of September 2014 at 12:00 PM PETA member Suraiyya Benazeer along with two others reached Tajul Masajid in Bhopal city wearing Burqa made up of vegetable leaves protesting against the Qurbani ritual done on the festival of Eid Ul Adha. She was holding a banner in her hand which said “Make Eid happy for all Go Vegan”.

Some social activists criticize 'social media' but it's amazing to see that those activists are calm in this issue who were promoting "cracker less Diwali" or "water less holi" in India, is it not partiality! But social media don't do partiality, people came on twitter and share their views.

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