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FreedomPop : 100% free WhatsApp SIM Now in US

Looking for 100% free mobile data ? Disruptive mobile services provider FreedomPop launches its unlimited zero-rated ( 100% free ) whatsapp SIM in US.

This SIM was previously launched in Spain just last month. With This SIM, any mobile user can use unlimited free data in the U.S. and in more than 30 countries across Europe and Southeast Asia. And in additional you will get 200 MBs data and 100 voice minutes every month.

To use FreedomPop SIM, you will just have to insert SIM into Android or iOS device, and FreedomPop will cover all data used by WhatsApp as well as additional data.

The concept of free data is not new, it comes under scrutiny since the FCC’s net neutrality decision in June. FreedomPop says that they comply with the recent ruling and setting the stage for zero-rated models. And Not violating rules. 

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