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Decorative tattoo : That Can Control Mobile Devices

Image Source : MIT
Controlling devices for body, is no more fiction now. In future temporary tattoo can help you to control your connected devices. And this is just a beginning.

MIT Media Lab in collaboration with Microsoft Research, have created a new touch interface called DuoSkin. It draws temporary tattoos on skin. Which enable users to control their mobile devices, display information based on body temperature changes, and store information on their skin while. DuoSkin devices communicate using NFC, And it also take care of user's style statement.

MIT demonstrated three types of on-skin interfaces:
  1. Input: Turns skin into a input device.
  2. Output: Soft displays onto the skin. That can change color based on skin temperature
  3. Communication: To exchange data across on-skin interfaces, communication needs to be wireless.

DuoSkin uses gold metal leaf, which is skin-friendly, and robust for everyday wear. And  Each tattoo can contain thermochromic layer, an NFC chip, or even LED lights( For an example, they demonstrated a LED necklace ).

It serves both, decorative and functional purposes, and it can be alternative for wearable devices.

Read more about DuoSkin.

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