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#BoycottMyntra - Myntra is suffering for the fault of other !

Once Again, Hindu sentiment got hurt in India (a Hindu majority country).

This time, India's leading online fashion store is being criticized on the Internet. Ever Since an artwork was uploaded by ScrollDroll on Facebook. Showing, Hindu god is using for shopping online.

People are asking questions; why people don't understand the sentiments of HINDUS.
While people are using #BoycottMyntra to criticise Myntra, scrolldroll took the full responsibility of this. They tweeted, "We take up the responsibility of this artwork. Myntra is nowhere associated with it directly or indirectly", and apologized.

Just after scrolldroll's clarification, Myntra pulled off their hand. They tweeted, "We did not create this artwork nor do we endorse this".

Yet, some question are arising on The internet

 But this is not first time; similar event were occurred when Hindu God's printed DoorMats were found on amazon.

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