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AI dashcam app nexar is now available for Android

If You are thinking about buying a Dashcam, nexar dashcam app may help you. Which will Turn Android into an AI Dashcam recorder.

If you don't know about this app. Nexar app Turns a Phone into a smart dashcam recorder. It's an AI dashcam app and it uses machine learning and computer vision to helps users for safe diving on  the road. It automatically detects and records dangerous events while drive. And  lets you store ride history into a private and secure Nexar cloud storage for free.

App was launched 6 months ago for the iPhone. Since then, Nexar have recorded more than 9 million miles on the Nexar network. Nexar have collected and analyzed over 500K events on the road, like red light running events (over 2000 in San Francisco alone). 2,000+ Drivers are using this app in different cities.

Android users can use Nexar in the background so that they can keep on using their favorite navigation app and still record any dangerous incident.

Additionally, users can use Nexar in ‘dual-cam mode’ so they can record inside their vehicle and out at the same time.

Nexar For Android.

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