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Wikipedia for android have got fresh new look

Image source:  wikimedia

Good news for Android users, Wikipedia for android have got fresh new look to make it more Interesting.

Wikipedia is introducing completely redesigned home screen which show you an ‘explore' feed of recommended images, interesting articles, in the news content, articles based on what you’ve read.

Features included in the feed, these feeds are dived in to cards.

  • In the news: It shows international news stories.
  • Trending articles: The top five most read articles of the day.
  • Featured picture: it shows 'Picture on the day', selected by the Wikipedia editor community.
  • Featured article: A featured article on Wikipedia picked daily by editors.
  • Because you read: Recommended articles based on what you’ve read lately on Wikipedia.
  • Continue reading: An option to continue reading unfinished articles.
  • Today on Wikipedia: Link to main page.
  • Randomizer: A random Wikipedia article.

And most interesting feature is, search now supports voice. Wikipedia for iOS app have already received these feature in an update, earlier this year.

Features like “In the news” and “Today’s featured article” are currently limited to only English, soon will be available for other languages.

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