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Twitter announces 20 weeks of paternity leave in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico

After adoption 20 weeks of paternity leave In the United States in May this year. Good news for twitter employees In Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Twitter is adopting this program for employees in Latin America.

Twitter said, From now on, parents will have the same work leave period to which working mothers on Twitter have right after the birth of their children. The initiative also applies for adoption cases, it is part of a series of actions that we have taken focused on quality of life and gender equality.

In addition, if employ wants to send breast milk to the children, the company will pay all expenses. And will also provide exclusive room for breastfeeding and express milk. Throughout the breastfeeding period.

Compare paternity leave to other tech giants. 

Google offers paid maternity leave ranging from 18 to 22 weeks. Fathers and adoptive parents receive 7 weeks of paid leave. Employees also receive a cash gift for a child's birth. And Social media giant facebook provides, four months of paid paternity leave leave for full time employees to all new parents.

And if we talk about tech giant Microsoft, they provides 12 weeks of paid Parental leaves, to all mothers and fathers of new children. And For birth mothers, this is in addition to the eight weeks of maternity disability leave ( total of 20 weeks ).

How about Microsoft India ? 

On 28 January 2016, Microsoft India has extended the maternity leave for its women employees to six months from the current three months. Microsoft India offers an option of availing unpaid leave up to three months and flexible work arrangements up to two years; to its women employees.

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