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Tinder Social platform, for planning night out

In an segment of expanding, popular dating platform tinder have introduced a new platform called ' Tinder Social'; which will helps you plan your night out.

It looks similar to social planning app, which was flop in the past. But, tinder is launching that idea.

The company have launched it's beta in Australia, and in the US and select countries. tinder have done some changes for this launch. People can see who’s going out tonight, what they’re up to, and plan their night on Tinder Social.

If you want to go out, invite friends to join your group, then swipe and match with other groups nearby who are also going out.

You have to 'Unlock' Tinder Social in order to use it. Once you do, you’ll see your friends who’ve also unlocked it (and they’ll see you). Now you can invite those friends to go out and you can all meet some great new people doing the same things you want to do.

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