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Pokematch to find Pokemon Go dates

While chasing 'Pokemon', why don't you find a love ! Developers have created an Android & iOS app "Pokematch" to find Pokemon Go dating.

App is combination of 'Pokemon Go' and 'Tinder', So, when you are out, looking for pokemon, you can also catch a mate. Once you both catch each other, you will be matched in a chat conversion, where you can find a public Pokestop to meet up and start hunting Pokemon together.

Till 23rh of july, The app created more than 10 thousand matches in 15 different countries.

Rene Roosen, co-creator of the app said: Rene Roosen says: "Some other dating websites also launched right after us, but they charge like $20 a date, I think we're seeing this growth because we're 100% free and the only app available for this on mobile"

You can also find friends to play with but The app is only available for people over 18 years of age users. 

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