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Google Play Update : App update size have been reduced

Google play have updated to show clearer size information to reduce download size. Now users can see actual download sizes instead of APK file size, in the Play Store.

After this updated, you will only see the update size, If you already have an app. For an example : If an update is only 2.91MB, it will show this exact size in each app's detail box, under 'Update Size' section.

Google have also introduced a new Delta algorithm to reduce the size of app updates. Most of the apps, only changes to APK files are downloaded and merged with the existing files. Company rolled out a delta algorithm, that further reduces patches by up to 50%.

Google's Improved compression algorithms: It will reduce big games' file sizes, which could be as huge as 2GB, by around 12 percent and updates by 65% on average. If you are using affordable devices with limited storage, instead of high-end phones, it's good news for you.

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