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Facebook Messenger Platform have got an update : For building bots

In an attempt to make messenger platform more useful for developers facebook has added new features and tools for building more bots.

This update includes Ratings, Quick replies, Persistent menu, Account linking and developers can now send GIFs, audio, video, and other files to people using their bot in Messenger. And more optimization options for users.

From now, people can give feedback through star rating or text for bot developers. Ratings and reviews are currently shared with only the bot developer through a dashboard in and via email.

Quick replies: Developers can present buttons to the user which will appear prominently above the composer.  When a button is tapped, the message is sent in the conversation. It's currently only available in the Messenger mobile apps.

Image Source : Facebook

Persistent menu: This menu contains top-level actions for users to enact at any point. The menu will automatically appear in a thread if the person has been away for a certain period of time and return.

Since the launch of the Messenger platform, over 11,000 bots have launched on Messenger and over 23,000 developers have signed up for Bot Engine. This update will be helpful for both developers and users.

Lets see how robots interactive will come :) Read more at facebook.

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