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Youtube Smart Offline Feature for Indian Users, to Take Advantage of Cheaper Night Data Plans

Youtube's offline feature is getting a smart update called 'Smart Offline'; Its smartest update, ever since it was first introduced in 2014.

'Smart Offline' which let the user use their Cheaper Night Data Plans which is being offered by many mobile operators in India. But the feature will not work on Wifi networks

To use this feature, Simply tap on well known grey arrow to take a video offline, it will give a new option “Save overnight” to use mobile operator’s discounted night data plan. Just select it, the YouTube app will smartly schedule video to be offline after peak hours that night. Videos will be ready to watch offline and on the go, with no buffering, till morning.

So as Youtube noted on blog post - No need to "stay up late at night".

This feature is gradually rolling out to Airtel and Telenor subscribers today in India. Update your Youtube App to use it.

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