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Things you should know about Akshay kumar's upcoming movie Rustom and K. M. Nanavati

Akshay kumar is attracting his audience with real life inspired characters. For Movie Airlift, he played role of a Kuwait-based businessman Ranjit Katyal, as he carries out the evacuation of Indians based in Kuwait during the Invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein's Iraq. And movie was successful. Now, fans are waiting for Akshay Kumar's another real life inspired character Rustom.

Here are some detail about this upcoming movie, which you should.

Who is Rustom In Movie ?

The Movie is based on real life incident in 1959 of Naval Officer K.M. Nanavati. Akshay kumar playing role of K.M. Nanavati.

Was is K.M. Nanavati And what was the incident ?

K. M. Nanavati was a commander with the Indian Navy, had settled down in Mumbai with his English-born wife Sylvia and their two sons and a daughter. Sylvia fell in love with Prem with  a friend of Nanavati, Bhagwandas Ahuja.
On 27 April 1959, Nanavati returned back  home after his assignments, Sylvia confessed about the affair. Nanavati went to Ahuja's flat with pistol. Nanavati asked him whether he intended to marry Sylvia and accept their children. After getting negative reply by Ahuja, Nanavati fired three shots and Prem Ahuja dropped dead.
He was accused under section 302, was initially declared not guilty by a jury under section 302 but the verdict was dismissed by the Bombay High Court and the case was retried as a bench trial. The case was the last to be heard as a jury trial in India, as the government abolished jury trials.

The incident received unprecedented media coverage and this case inspired several books like 'Nanavati ka Mukadama', 'The Death of Mr Love' and movie like 'Yeh Raaste Hain Pyar Ke' it has altered the case's outcome, and the film began with a disclaimer that all people and incidents were fictitious. And The upcoming movie Love Affair is also based on this case, movie will focus on a lonely foreigner (Pooja Bhatt) who is stuck in India, falls in love with a man and the consequences of the affair.

The film is scheduled for a worldwide release on 12 August 2016. lets see how Akshay kumar will justify role of Nanavati.

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