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New Mobile Alert App 'SAIP' by France Government - To Give Alert of Terror Attack

Ministry of Interior of France have released an IOS app SAIP (  System to Alert and Inform Populations) to Alerts in the case of a major event or crisis using geolocation. It seems like government introduced this app in wake up of Paris attack.

Users will be able to receive an alerts from specified geographical zone in the case of exceptional events like nuclear, hazardous materials, and hydraulic structure failure alerts, etc. Users will receive advice on how to act and instructions to follow depending on the type of alert ("how to react"). App also provides information like "What To Do" and "What Not To Do".

App allows users to record up to 8 geographical zones (postcodes, cities). System will find that user is in risk zone or not and and users will receive notifications if an event occurs in one of these locations.

The alert activates "without any user information being sent, even when geolocation settings are activated".

The SAIP mobile application is available for IOS and in French and English, and adds to the existing system for alerting and informing populations like sirens, pre-formatted radio messages, etc.

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