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Huge update for video on Twitter and Vine : Longer video, viewing mode

In an attempt to engage more user to video content, twitter is announcing some updates to videos on Twitter and vine.

Longer video: Earlier, videos were limited to 30 seconds, after this announcement, vine and twitter users can create video up to 140 seconds long; while Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos up to 10 minutes long through the professional publisher tools.

New viewing mode: When you tap on video, Tweet or Vine, it will take you to a new, full-screen viewing experience, and video and Vine Tweets will be suggested below. This will be rolling out soon on Twitter for iOS and for Android.

App for video creators: Twitter is releasing a new app to help popular video creators, which will provide real-time data and insights.

Longer video update will be coming soon to Twitter for Mac and Twitter for Windows, as well. And You'll continue to see Vines, those short looping trailers. You will see "Watch more" button in the lower right corner  for longer videos.

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