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Finally, Facebook Messenger SMS feature is Live

Rumours was spreading that Facebook is testing SMS feature for its messenger platform, and guess what ! Rumours have come true.

Facebook VP of Messaging Products David Marcus noted that its more then just a texting app; You can send voice clips, stickers, and even share your location over SMS on top of standard texting features.

In past, platform used to support SMS feature, but company dropped it in 2013 - because of less usage. Somehow, company started showing this feature again for small batch of users - earlier this year.

You will find many similar features to other popular messaging clients on Android on this SMS integration. But it has more features then any other. David Marcus called it "integrated place for all your messaging ", company introduced this feature to engage users with messenger platform; instead of competing with other.

Update is available for android users only, IOS users will have to wait; And update is rolling out to most countries starting today. 

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