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Android OS Working with An iPhone, It's interesting

After showing running windows 95 on apple watch Developer and Tendigi CTO Nick Lee has come with an other project, which allows Android OS to work with an iPhone device using a specialized an iPhone case.

As shown in video, to support a version of Android Nick Lee chose Lemaker HiKey board, a lithium-polymer battery pack, and other hardwares. And at last, he created a 3D printed iPhone case to fit all hardwares at a small space.

Android OS itself is powered by the hardware in the case. A Lightning port used to connect an iPhone and case, to turn the iPhone device into a display and emulating touch events on Android.

Nick Lee explained entire creating process on Medium. He said, "it’s surprisingly easy to clone it out and build it on your local machine. From scratch, I was able to develop an efficient AOSP workflow in about two days".

Like Nick Lee's previous project Windows 95 running on the Apple Watch, Android case is also a conceptual and not practical for real world use. So it's not going to available in market.

Of course; we can get an Android device to use an Android OS but it's interesting to see an Android OS works with an iPhone.

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