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Alert Twitter Users - 32 Million Twitter Password May Have Sold On Dark Web

It seems like twitter users are on risk, because more than 32 million twitter Username/password has been leaked.

According to ZDNet reported, A Russian hacker is selling the cache of millions of Twitter account for 10 bitcoins, or about $5,820. LeakedSource, which indexes hacked credentials from data breaches, have also noted in a blog post that the database.

According to LeakedSource, password were stored in plaintext with no encryption or hashing and most of them belongs to Russia.

Site also added that the most commonly occurring password in the database is ‘123456’, ‘123456789’, ‘qwerty’, ‘password’ and non other than 'iloveyou'. these password could be hacked with just a little guesswork; which is really dangerous. but the most dangerous part of this hack is many people use the same password on several sites.

Twitter’s Trust & Info Security Officer Michael Coates tweeted about the company’s investigation into the matter and confirmed that twitter systems have not been breached. and they are working to protect users.

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